Do you like old good Mafia game? Now, you can enjoy its brilliant online interpretation – Among Us! This project was released a few years ago, and quickly won the hearts of millions of players. You are offered to enter a spaceship and test your detective skills. It sounds more than intriguing, doesn’t it? So it is time to discover more details about this thrilling entertainment! What’s so interesting in Among Us?

Start on a thrilling adventure!

The plot of this game is quite simple. The round is designed for several players – from 4 to 10 people can complete tasks in each round. Out of this quantity, from 1 to 3 players will take on a role of traitors. This parameter is voluntarily, and you need to determine your mission before the actual game begins. The goal of the impostors is obvious. Like in Mafia, these characters need to get rid of other members of the crew. But it needs to be done in a very careful way – nobody should suspect who stands behind these terrible killings. Peaceful astronauts will have to investigate each murder and arrange a vote with the purpose to figure out who is the treacherous impostor. However, the team will sometimes make a wrong decision and cruel killings will continue. Do your best to analyze all the traces you can find and unmask the impostor. Note that it is not a rare case that a wrong player is eliminated from the game.

Who will win this confrontation?

Actually, there are two teams in this entertainment – impostors and plain astronauts. Each of them wants to win. If you play for an impostor, your aim is to kill everyone around and do it in the most inconspicuous way. Try to destroy all the traces of your crime so that nobody could connect you with this accident. You will have to control the whereabouts of each astronaut and use the moment when any of them remains alone to attack him. You will win if the other do not find any evidence and throw you away from the spaceship. But if you play for a crew member, your task will be completely different. You will have to complete a lot of routine tasks on servicing your spaceship. But once members of your team start to die one by one, you cannot ignore it. The sooner you find who stands behind it, the better. This unusual adventure will make you think and analyze, improving your logic. It will be interesting for both kids and adults. And the ability to test two roles is its best benefit. Have fun!

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