Today, you can find a lot of cool online games with Impostor. This character comes from the well-known Among Us project. You will definitely recognize once you see him – a cute personage dressed in an astronaut’s overall. He looks quite friendly but his plans are very unkind – Impostor is a killer who just disguises under the mask of friendliness. But this time, he will have a new role!

Capture as much territory as you can!

In this adventure you will compete with similar characters to capture more territory on the map. Each player will have an individual color. Your task is to make a line that will immediately paint the circled area in your color. But if your opponent crosses this line before you finish the circle, the game will be over for you. Make sure you move as fast as possible to increase your possessions bit by bit. Who wins the competition? It is the player who manages to get the biggest territory under your control. Do your best to become a winner!

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