You again play for the cruel Impostor who sneaked on a spaceship with a really treacherous plan. What is his intention this time? As before, this evil character wants to kill everyone around. He is not afraid to challenge a whole team of crew members and eliminate them one by one. However, this task will require enough skills! Are you ready to help the hero realize this destructive plan?

You cannot make mistakes!

Of course, the main task of the character is to act as calmly as possible. He cannot declare openly what he wants to do. So, you should wait for the moment when one of your opponents is completely alone and attack him. Do your best to hide all possible traces from a crime scene. No one should suspect you can stand behind these killings. Keep killing other crew members until you deal with the last one. But note that if someone notices you, then your life is doomed! Will you be able to complete this evil mission successfully? Check it out now!


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