Sometimes, even the most innocent characters can turn into evil monsters. This is exactly what happened in the Among Us game. Moreover, this time, the antagonist is skillfully masked, and it will be a real struggle to discover him. If you love such detective stories, you will enjoy this unusual adventure where you will be investigating cold-blooded murders. Alternatively, you can easily transform into a killer yourself. Are you ready to give it a try?

What is it all about?

The story starts as a very cool adventure. You join a team of funny-looking characters and start on a thrilling trip on a spaceship. You are an astronaut and your task is to look after the smooth work of the aircraft. There are a lot of daily tasks to perform and provide its flawless performance. However, this cloudless adventure is sharply interrupted by a murder. Astronauts find one of the characters dead. And this is the moment the game turns into a true detective story with a mysterious killer and lots of potential victims. The biggest challenge is to find out who commits these terrible killings. The murderer is only someone of the astronauts as no one else can enter the spaceship. Now the crew members should activate their logical thinking to determine who is the evil impostor. It will be very risky as each player risks his life. You should remember that you must not trust anyone around if you want to survive.

What role will you choose?

Every player decides for himself whether they want to become a plain astronaut or an evil impostor. If you want to become a friendly crew member, you will be engaged into an investigation and will have to hunt the killer. At the same time, you will continuously risk your life as you have no idea who is the antagonist. But if you play for an impostor, your mission is entirely different – you must kill and destruct without a stop. You can win only if you manage to delete all the crew members without being caught. Be very careful not to attract anyone’s attention. The astronauts will vote after each death, and if they find the slightest trace that will point at you, the game will be over for you. Try both roles for the best experience!

Among Us Impostor

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