This cool entertainment will let you meet the famous personages from two popular online games. And you definitely know them too! These are a treacherous impostor from Among Us and Steve from Minecraft. You are well aware that both heroes are strong and inventive, and this duel will become really epic!

Impostor or Steve?

It will be difficult to predict the outcome of this confrontation. The evil Impostor is very cunning. You remember well that he managed to trick and kill the whole crew on the spaceship and was not caught. Now he is ready to run after the Minecraft hero, and no obstacles will ever stop him. At the same time, Steve has already escaped so many dangers in his pixelated world that he does not hesitate and accepts the challenge now. He enters the spaceship with no hesitation. Will he manage to determine who is his enemy? Join now to see everything by yourself!

Whom will you play for?

What personage seems more attractive to you? Actually, the game allows you to try on both roles. If you decide to play for Impostor, your main mission is to attack and destroy Steve. It will be quite difficult to find the right moment for this task. But if you play for Steve, you must remember that your life is at stake. No matter how friendly the astronauts may look – one of them will try to kill you when you remain alone. Are you smart enough to spot the Impostor before the worst scenario happens? This version of the game is very engaging – so do not miss a chance to play it!

Among Us Vs Minecraft

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