The popular Among Us has gained unbelievable popularity online. This fact inspired fans to create a lot of additional games with a cute personage from this game. So if you like cunning Impostor, you are invited to a new cool adventure with this character! What is the story about this time? As in the main release, you will again find yourself on a spaceship where you need to deal with all crew members.

Will you manage to delete everyone?

This time, you cannot select your role. You can play only for Impostor in this game version. In other words, you will have only one mission – to kill all the team, one by one. You need to act with utmost care not to be spotted while committing a crime. Another task is to thoroughly clean the place of murder. If you leave even the slightest evidence, you will be immediately caught. So do your best to find the most favorable moment for your terrible crimes until you deal with all of them! Enjoy this cool adventure!

Among Us Online Edition

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