This game will immerse you in a cruel confrontation for the space territory. You will turn into an impostor, but you are not alone here. There are many other impostors that are determined to fight to death for cosmic land. Are you the one who will be able to conquer the biggest area? Let’s accept this challenge to see how far you can advance in this exciting entertainment.

How to play?

Select your nick and color to start. Now you need to capture as much territory as you can and fill it with your color. It is not difficult to do – you need to make a circle, and it will automatically become your property. But watch carefully for your opponents not to cross the line, otherwise, the game will be over for you. Once you see your enemy is trying to circle some area, you can try to prevent him from closing the line and kill him. The more antagonists you kill, the more chances you get to become a winner. So get it is started to become the biggest territory owner in this fun adventure!

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