You will never guess whom Boyfriend will meet on the dancing stage this time. And the opponent is very treacherous and cunning. It is Impostor from the famous Among Us project. You know well that his original role was to kill all the crew members on a spaceship. It proves that this personage is merciless, and nothing can stop him when he sees a new potential victim on the horizon.

Try to mislead Impostor!

The antagonist will bring several new songs in this mod. Boyfriend can deal with this opponent in only one way – to challenge him to a rap battle and win it. The opponent will try hard to beat the hero. But if you support Boyfriend, his chances to win will multiply. Listen to the music with extra care and try not to miss a single note. You will need to press the arrows on the screen – but do not do it randomly as your progress bar will immediately turn red and you will fail. Do you best to unmask the Impostor before he brings any harm to Boyfriend. Good luck!

FNF Vs Impostor

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