Welcome to a new game where you will again meet a treacherous Impostor from Among Us. Do you remember this cool personage designed as a cartoon-looking astronaut? He looks really cute in his adorable suit but his true intentions are very evil as he wants to kill all his opponents. However, this time, Impostor will have a brand new mission. He will participate in a space run that will turn into a real survival!

Will you reach the finishing line?

The path in front of you is full of all possible obstacles. It is a real test to your logic and agility skills. Impostor is in danger in this story, and he asks you to help him! So guide this cool protagonist through multiple levels and help him smoothly jump from one platform to another. Some platforms are continuously moving – so calculate the time for a jump! This parkour is going to be incredibly difficult – are you skilled enough to pass all the levels? Do not forget to collect little UFOs and grow your score!

Among Us Space Run.io

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