Are you looking for some new online game that will make you fully immerse in exciting adventures? Then you should not miss Among Us 2022. It is a great project with of detective and survival elements. As in the very original release, you are back to the spaceship where you turn into a cute creature. Now you are a cartoon-looking astronaut, and you are one of the crew. The game is meant for up to 15 players. But not all of them will play the same role! Are you keen on learning more? Start playing now!

What role do you like best?

The plot allows you to choose your role. Even if visually all personages look them, they will have different missions. Some astronauts are not going to complete tasks and service the aircraft. Their intentions are really bloodthirsty – they will try to kill all the crew members. But if you opt for this role, no one else will know about it. And you will have to do your best to keep all your crimes well disguised until your deal with the last opponent. You will need to kill them one by one when there is no one else around and then hide all the evidence that may bring to you. But be very careful as the crew will get rid of one player after each killing. Make sure you are not in the list of the suspects. If the others find at least the smallest hint you can be the killer and vote for it, the game will be over for you.

Enjoy all updates of this release.

This new version of Among Us comes with a lot of thrilling updates. Now, you can enjoy a lot of new tasks and quests. This time, more players can participate in one session. They will be able to communicate with each other via the chat function. It will make things really hard for the impostor. There are a lot of new maps added to the recent game version. Furthermore, you will see new character colors and improved graphics. Discover new roles, achievements, and enjoy new game modes such as Hide and Seek. Thanks to multiplayer mode, you will always go through a new adventure as you can never predict all the steps of the impostor. And it makes the gameplay extremely exciting! Try to test both roles for the best experience – you will adore this detective adventure!

Among Us 2022

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