Do you love games with detective elements and investigation? Then, do not miss to enjoy Among Us the Impostor. This cool game will take you to space. To be more precise, you will find yourself on a spaceship. All characters are funny looking astronauts. But one of them differs from the rest. It is impostor who plans terrible killings of all his mates. However, he acts inconspicuously, and it will be a challenge to detect him.

What role will you opt for?

Do you prefer being an impostor? You can choose this role and try to kill your mates. You will not be able to do it openly. Otherwise, you will be immediately captured. You need to mask and hide all the evidence. Do not allow others to understand it is you who stands behind these crimes. Alternatively, you can transform into a peaceful player and investigate each murder. In this case, you need to collect enough evidence against treacherous killer before he reaches you! Try both roles for the best experience!

Among Us The Imposter

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