In this fan-created game, you will again enjoy the atmosphere of Among Us and meet its main character – Impostor. You already know that the mask of a kind astronaut skillfully hides a merciless killer. Impostor pretends to be a friendly crew member while he plans lots of cruel killings. However, in this game, the hero will be busy with a completely different task. Impostor will take part in the space rush to save his mates! It is a bit unusual plot for Impostor but yet very engaging.

Move at the highest speed!

It is not easy to run when so many obstacles are in front of you. But you have a serious mission this time – you need to free up other astronauts that are caught in cages. Once you rescue them – they join and continue this obstacle course with you. For each freed personage, you get coins – make sure you can hit the highest possible score. Do not get upset if you cannot do everything right from the first attempt – some training will help you set a fantastic record!

Among Us Space Rush

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