Are you ready for some space wars? Then welcome to Among Impostors! This time your character is terrible traitor again. But the traditional plot changes, and now, there are no peaceful crew members on the spaceship. You will face a lot of other impostors around! And they all are trying to kill each other and win this fierce confrontation. Can you prove you are the strongest of them all?

Eat as much food as possible!

You will move around the location and look for food. There are a lot of edible things scattered all around. Make sure to swallow everything you can find. If you eat enough, you will increase your crowd of little impostors. But you are not alone on the map! Your opponents have the same task. Make sure you move fast and eat more to get the biggest crowd! Be careful and keep at a safe distance from your enemies as they can eat you too! What is your best result in this game? Join now to check it out! Do not get upset if you fail – get up and try again!

Among Impostors

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