Have you already played Among Us? Then you know well everything the treacherous impostor is capable of. Now you are invited to have more fun in the sequel of the game. This adventure will take you to space – all events unfold on a spaceship. You will find yourself in the company of funny-looking personages. These are astronauts that are servicing their vehicle. But not all of them have equally good intentions.

Who is killing them all?

The life on a spaceship seems to be harmonious and friendly until something really terrible happens. One day you will discover a dead body of one of the crew members. Can it be an accident or did someone kill him on purpose? The worst thing is that all players are literally locked on a spaceship. So if it was a planned crime, then the killer is one of the friendly astronauts! Bit how to determine who is a treacherous impostor? This is going to be the main mission of the players. They need to watch and control each other’s behavior and find some evidence proving the guild of one of them. This process will be very tricky, and it is not a rare case that an innocent player is deleted from the game after the voting. You will immediately understand that you have made a mistake when you find a new victim. Keep negotiating with others until you really determine the antagonist. You will need to think hard to move in the right direction.

Will you cope with an impostor role?

The developers made it possible to play not only for peaceful astronauts. You can transform into a negative character and act as an impostor. In this case, you will have a cool task – you must kill everyone to become a winner. But you will not be able to do it openly – all your actions must be planned in advance, and you should wait for a favorable moment when your victim is alone and kill him! Be very careful as all the players will meet for a discussion after each murder, and one of the personages will be eliminated from the game. Make sure you disguise all your actions and plans really skillfully so that no one can ever suspect this is you who stands behind these terrible events. Your role is connected with a lot of risks! But this is what makes the whole entertainment so exciting. Try to hold out for as long as you can – if you act logically, you have all the chances to become a winner. Do your best to trick all the astronauts! Be sure, you will adore this thrilling adventure!

Among Us 2

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