It is a new thrilling adventure where you need to fight treacherous impostors. This time, these creatures have turned into evil creatures and try to capture your settlement. They will appear on the screen as an endless flow of invaders approaching your walls. And you will have to destroy them as fast as you only can.

Try to eliminate them all!

Evil monsters will move without a stop, and there is absolutely no task to think for too long. At first, you will have a bow and arrows you can use to shoot the antagonists. But make sure you correctly calculate the trajectory of each shot and it reaches the target. If you show good performance and earn enough coins, you will be able to unlock new, more powerful weapons like bombs and fire. Every following levels will bring new opponents, and you will need to hit some of them several time until you kill them. So try to be fast and precise to get rid of all of them. Have fun in this cool adventure!

Impostor Zombies

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