Do you love adventures with complicated plot and lots of secrets? It is time to open Among Us and dive into a cool detective story where you will need to find a killer. Or maybe you are brave enough to transform into a killer yourself? It is possible two choose one of two cool roles here. It depends only on your mood whether you become a peaceful astronaut and perform routine work on a spaceship or you play for a treacherous traitor who has only one task – to kill everyone around!

It is a great multiplayer adventure.

The game is designed for a group of players – you can have fun in a company from 4 to 10 users. All players look very funny – these are colorful astronaut creatures that are aboard a spaceship. They all seem to have one common task – to perform everything needed for a flawless performance of their aircraft. But soon, this harmonious cooperation will be interrupted by an evil killing. You will find one of the astronauts dead! Who killed him or was it just an incident? However, another personage will be murdered shortly. It is obvious that it is not just a coincidence, and there is an impostor in the crew. But who is he? This is what you are going to investigate. After each death, the players meet to discuss who can commit this terrible crime. Analyze the behavior of everyone you see around – you never know who can have treacherous intentions. The impostor will skillfully mask all his actions, so it will be a real struggle to discover who he is. Are you ready for such an unusual detective adventure?

What role will you choose?

The best feature of Among Us is that you can decide on your own who you will play for. Before the start, you choose whether you are a plain crew member or an impostor. Other players do not know who is playing the part of a traitor. And this is the main attraction of this project. If you play for a plain astronaut, your task is to find out who is hiding their real face. After each death, all players gather for a meeting where they vote who is going to leave the project. But note that you will not always make a right solution. If you made a mistake and got rid of a wrong player, the killings will continue. But if you play for the impostor, your task is really thrilling – you must kill everyone! The most important thing is to make everything in a way for no one to see you. Try to hide all the traces for the others not to suspect you. If you manage not to be caught and get rid of all the players, you are the winner!

Among Us

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