Welcome to a new exciting adventure of cool Impostor. This time, the hero finds himself in a parallel universe. Here, he meets terrible Creeper who immediately starts hunting the character. Now you need to help the protagonist avoid his enemy and return to his usual world. It will be an extremely dangerous adventure where your hero will risk his life on every step. Are you ready to help him?

What are your actions?

You will have to guide Impostor through the space. But it is full of different obstacles – lots of asteroids and space rocks are moving in your direction. When you manage to destroy these barriers, you will see crystals falling out. Try collect as many of them as possible. Besides, you will find many objects that work as boosters – do not miss any of these. All these things will increase the power of your character before the final confrontation with a boss. Provide Impostor with enough support to defeat his enemy and successfully return home.

Among Vs Creeper

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