Do you believe you can find a clue to every secret? Then let’s test your skills in Among Us Online! The plot will take you to a spaceship where all the events unfold. You will become a cute-looking astronaut and join the company of the same personages. They all are busy as the spaceship needs timely servicing to move forward. But weird things start to happen – a crew member is found dead one day, bringing real chaos aboard.

Is that an accident or a cruel murder?

At first, astronauts are sure that the death of their friend was occasional. But when another dead body is found, they get frightened. Something is wrong here – these characters were intentionally killed. And it could have been done only by someone from the crew! It means there is an impostor among the players, and now they should find him as soon as possible. Otherwise, all of the risk of being killed. But how to determine which astronaut is a criminal? After each death, all members meet for a discussion and vote. And the player who received the biggest number of votes leaves the game. But if another astronaut dies shortly, it will mean that the crew made a wrong choice. The game will continue to the moment until you find the true killer or until the impostor kills all the crew members. It will be quite thrilling to analyze the behavior of other players and guess who of them can stand behind these cruel killings.

Play together with your friends!

You can now enjoy this adventure in the company of your friends or just random players from around the world. It is possible to join already existing servers or launch your own game. All you need to do is to follow the instructions of how to have fun in real-time. One of the major advantages of this online entertainment is that you decide for yourself what role you will perform. One session is meant for 4-15 players. The majority of them will be plain astronauts, but there may be up to 3 impostors in each round. To enjoy Among Us to the fullest, you should test both roles. If you play for a friendly crew member, you should find a killer as soon as possible. But if you want to play for an impostor, your task is to kill absolutely all the crew! You will never know who is that treacherous antagonist, and this fact makes the whole process so exciting. Have fun!

Among Us Online

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