This cool entertainment is inspired by the famous Among Us project. But it was created by the fans of the original project. The key idea remains the same – you join the company of several players, and one of them is Impostor! The team needs to discover the scoundrel in the shortest possible time, otherwise, he will kill them all with no hesita!

What role attracts you more?

The game allows you to select your role – Impostor or a peaceful player. In case you are brave enough to play for Impostor, be ready to delete everyone around. The only thing is to commit all crimes when no one can spot you. All killings must be carefully organized so that no one can connect you with them. Alternatively, you can select to become a usual player and conduct investigation to find out a merciless murderer. But make sure you delete the right player, otherwise the deaths will continue. The whole game is very engaging, so do not miss a chance to enjoy this detective entertainment.

Imposter 3D

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