There are more and more games that fully or partially copied popular Among Us project. And this one is no exception. You will again take on a role of the evil impostor. You have only one ultimate mission – to kill everyone on a spaceship. But you can attack your opponent only when there are no other witnesses around. Can you act almost noiselessly? It will require your utmost care if you want to succeed.

Kill them all as soon as you can!

All you need to do is to master the art of an invisible killer. You need to be very careful not to be spotted by anyone or the walkthrough will be immediately interrupted. Eliminate all the crew members one by one and skillfully mask all the traces that can point at you. The level is over when you successfully deal with everyone. Each following round is going to be more difficult as you will find it harder to remain unnoticed. So join now to check your logic and agility. Prove that you can be an Impostor nobody can ever catch!

Among U: Red Imposter

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